What is IATSU? We are the student body of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Beyond that, IATSU is a group of students that are passionate about improving not only their department, but the community within it.

If you are taking a course within SIAT, you are automatically part of IATSU! We (the IATSU Executive Committee) are an elected group dedicated to providing opportunities and events for SIAT students to grow, engage with one another, and get the most out of their academic careers. We organize amazing events like the annual SIAT Frosh, the FCAT Formal and so much more! The SIAT community is our top priority and we strive to connect with you to make your university experience that much more fun!

IATSU Executive Committee


President - Kaizen Hutchful

Hi! My name is Kaizen but I go by Kai- I’m a third-year SIAT student and I hope to go into the Media Arts concentration. As the President of IATSU, my role is to communicate within IATSU and to communicate with any external relations we have such as Professors and SFSS Staff! I also help everyone out just a liiiiiittle bit with each of their jobs. One of my hobbies is lifting weights and I’ve been doing it for 4 years! A fun fact about me is that I learned Japanese before I knew English.


Vice President - Benjamin Kwok

Helloooo, I’m Ben and I am currently in my third year of SIAT, concentrating in design. My job in IATSU as the Vice President is to represent the SIAT student body (you) in front of faculty and the administration, as well as manage internal affairs within the committee. Please reach out to me if you have any concerns with classes, professors, or events, and I can see that the issue gets some attention. My passion is cars, so in my free time (usually in class), you can find me shopping for new cars (that I don’t need) or browsing online for parts and modifications. If you have a sweet whip - please show me.


Secretary & Councillor - Bryan To

Hey! I’m Bryan and I am a third year SIAT student focusing on the design concentration. I alternate between two roles in IATSU, being a secretary and the councillor. As the secretary, I will be keeping the executive committee organized and professional, while as the councillor, I will be representing the SIAT community in SFSS council meetings to bring up concerns and suggestions that will benefit our union. I enjoy travelling a lot and exploring history, different cultures and city layouts. You can probably find me on the SkyTrain tuning everything out so I can immerse myself in a book.


Treasurer - Catelyn Sue

Hi, I’m Catelyn! I am going into my third year in SIAT, and am currently undecided for my concentration. As the Treasurer, my role is to keep track of IATSU’s finances and allocate funding so we can put on fun events for the SIAT student body. When I’m not busy with coursework, I enjoy travelling, eating, building Gundam plastic model kits (Gunpla) and playing video games. I’ve only ever played games on Nintendo consoles (with an exception for Persona 3) and wouldn’t be surprised if I have more playtime hours logged in Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Fire Emblem than I’ve slept these past few semesters!


Director of Web & Social Media - Isabelle Louie

Hi! My name is Isabelle and I’m a third year SIAT/Beedie student, completing a joint major in design and marketing. As the Director of Web and Social Media, I’ll be managing IATSU’s website and social media platforms, and keeping them up to date with opportunities and events! In my free time, I love making music (I play three instruments), powerlifting, and watching hockey! I also listen to pretty much anything from the 50s until now, so you’ll probably find me listening to one of my many Spotify playlists.


Director of Events - Amena Salman

Hey y’all, I'm Amena (pronounced Am-na, the ‘e’ is just bougie). I am a third-year SIAT student interested in visual design and branding, as well as one of your Director of Events- I am in charge of organizing fun events to connect and grow the SIAT community! During these interesting times, it is more important than ever to relax, have fun, and make friends, and I hope to do that, even if it's over a 40-minute Zoom call. A little bit about me: I am a book nerd (Ravenclaw :^), I like to go on walks...so I can play Pokemon Go, and I will sell my soul to Big Time Rush.


Director of Events - Jeremy Felix

Hi y’all! My name is Jeremy and I’m a third year SIAT student majoring in arts. I am one of your Director of Events, and I will be working together with Amena to bring IAT students fun events through planning things such as locations, equipment, games, and food! As a Director of Events, I’ll always know what’s going on at an event so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! During quarantine I like to run to the nearby lake while playing Pokemon Go, eat as much food as I can, or make Tiktoks. But outside of quarantine, you can catch me lifeguarding or coaching swimming! Looking forward to seeing everyone throughout this next year!


Director of Communication Design - Paola Ortiz

Hey there, I’m Paola. I’m a third year SIAT student looking to major in design. I love visual aesthetics and graphics, so I take a keen interest in my role as Director of Communication Design. I’ll be making any visual elements for IATSU such as posters, social media posts and promo materials. If I’m not 2 hours deep looking at Pinterest, catch me playing around with rolls of film, vinyls and fashion. Rumour has it that I have an obsession with Anne Hathway.


IATSU TV Lead Producer - Justin De Leon

Hey! I’m Justin, a third year SIAT student leaning towards the Media Arts / Design concentrations. As the TV Lead Producer, I’m responsible for creating all the weird, fun, and educational videos on our IATSUTV YouTube channel. In my free time I love making illustrations, stories, and dumb animations. Hopefully in the upcoming year you’ll see a few of them!


IATSU TV Jr - James Halim

My name is James (he/him) and I am in my second year of SIAT. I am planning to major in Architecture/Interior Design but I am also super keen in Graphic Design! In the near future I plan on working as a full-time designer. I take great inspiration from many past and current designers and I plan to follow in their footsteps, one step at a time. My role in the EC is to be an active team member and to be open minded at all times. I love working with new people and growing friendly relationships that will help further our community and each other. This would be my introductory role in the EC and I hope to learn and make a long lasting positive impact. My hobbies include gaming, photography, bike riding and jamming out on the guitar/piano. I also enjoy binge watching kdramas and series on Netflix.


IATOne Rep - Olivia Harvey

Hii, I’m Olivia! I’m in my first year of SIAT and I’m hoping to go into the Media Arts concentration. As the IAT One Representative, my role is to organize Frosh. I’m really excited to meet everyone, so feel free to reach out! I really like fashion and photography, so outside of school, you can usually find me thrifting and filling up rolls of film.