What is IATSU? We are the student body of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Beyond that, IATSU is a group of students that are passionate about improving not only their department, but the community within it.

If you are taking a course within SIAT, you are automatically part of IATSU! We (the IATSU Executive Committee) are an elected group dedicated to providing opportunities and events for SIAT students to grow, engage with one another, and get the most out of their academic careers. We organize amazing events like the annual SIAT Frosh, the FCAT Formal and so much more! The SIAT community is our top priority and we strive to connect with you to make your university experience that much more fun!


IATSU Executive Committee


President - Jung-yeon Lee

Hey! I’m Jung-yeon (JY), a fourth-year SIAT student concentrating in design, with a focus on UX and Branding Design. I’m your President for this year and I am your go-to person if you ever need to reach out with any IAT-related concerns! My goal for the year is to bring in-person communities back to life! When I’m not in school, I love talking/playing sports (basketball/snowboarding/?bouldering?), gaming (League/Valorant/Apex), and listening to music (hip-hop/R&B). You can always reach me through Discord @jyl or Instagram @jungyeon_leee. I’m excited to meet and represent you all!


Vice President - Neal Sison

Hello! I'm Neal, your 2023 IATSU Vice President. I'm currently in my third year in SIAT, although I've been in university for quite some time. When I'm not on campus, you can find me at the local Surrey Recreation centers, either getting in a quick workout or participating in drop-in sports. Photography and snowboarding/skateboarding are my passions, which I enjoy whenever I have the opportunity. In addition to pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree, I'm also concentrating in design, particularly in the fields of user experience, user interface, and colour design. I'm excited about the upcoming year and if you happen to see me around, please don't hesitate to say hi and introduce yourself. I would love to get to know and learn from everyone in our program!


Councillor Representative - Karishma Sen

Hey there! I'm Karishma, a senior SIAT student concentrating in Design, and I'm thrilled to be your Council Rep for this year. As your representative, my goal is to ensure that your voices are heard in SFSS council meetings and beyond. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! Outside of school, I enjoy watching movies, bouldering, and reading. With all the exciting initiatives planned, I can't wait to see what the year brings us!


Treasurer - Amanda Eng

Hello everyone! My name’s Amanda (she/her) and I’m a third year SIAT student. I’m your Treasurer this year, meaning I keep track of IATSU’s finances and allocate funding so we can put on awesome events for y’all. I’m planning to minor in Educational Psychology, because I’m really interested in how design can be applied to the education industry. Outside of school, you can find me visiting new dessert places, taking sky pictures, (poorly) singing to musical soundtracks, or hopping on the ferry home to Victoria. Feel free to say hi if you see me! Or message me on Discord at amandae_19 or Instagram @amandae_19


Director of Communication Design - Kaia Crozier

Hey everybody!! I’m Kaia, a fourth year IAT student working towards a Bachelor of Science with a design concentration and publishing minor. I’m rejoining the IATSU team this year as the Director of Communication Design! Some things about about me are I love taking an overwhelming amount of candid photos, thrifting and spend time stress baking during exam season. If you see me feel free to say hi!! Just be warned my vision is trash and I rarely wear my glasses.


Director of Events - Grace Tan

Hey everyone! I'm Grace, your Events Coordinator, and I'm currently in my fourth-plus year. Let me proudly admit that I'm a triple nerd: a Koreanboo, a weeb, and a gamer (Val, Hitman, Arams). Lately, I've even been getting into sports, despite not being the most coordinated person out there, and hitting the gym. You know what's been super awesome? Running into fellow SIAT peeps at epic K-pop concerts (shoutout to the DPR concert), catching them at the gym (Scott Road gym gang represent!), or bumping into them during casual drop-in sports (we're balling). My ultimate goal as your Events Coordinator is to create a space where SIAT folks can connect based on shared interests, going beyond just meeting in classes. Back when I first started at SIAT, my school-life balance was practically nonexistent, but now I genuinely cherish staying active, gaming, and enjoying social outings. It has truly boosted my mental well-being and, I dare say, even leveled up my teamwork skills. Let's make some awesome memories together!


Director of Events - Emily Xu

hello hello! my name is Emily (but i go by Emem) and i’m a 3rd year SIAT student concentrating in design. As one of your Director of Events, I hope to increase IATSU’s presence within other streams of SIAT: Welcome Day, HIVE, TechTeams, while also allowing for more connections to be made between lower and upper years. As for hobbies… I love visiting cafes and restaurants all over metro vancouver, watching horror/thriller films, k rnb/rap music, thrifting, manga, rilakkuma... I promise I’m friendlier than the photo LOL… so if you’d like to reach out and talk... or recommend any cafes to me, my instagram is @emem_xu and my discord is ememxx :))


Director of Web & Social Media - Joseph Lee

Hey y'all my name is Joseph and I’m your Director of Web and Social Media! I’m currently a second going-into third-year B.Sc student concentrating in Design. I’m here to let yall know all about the wonderful events IATSU has planned for the upcoming year and the opportunities you have as SIAT students within the community. Aside from working on projects, you can catch me perpetually listening to music on Spotify, playing Tears of the Kingdom, or attempting to go to the gym. I am occasionally silly but I love meeting new people so if you’d ever like to hmu or have any questions about SIAT or IATSU, reach out to me on discord @josephxh or on Instagram @josephle_ee !! See y'all around!


IATSU TV - Monica de Mesa

Hello! I'm Monica, one of the co-tv producers of IATSU! I'm currently in my 4th year and I’m excited to be a part of the IATSU team before I finish off my studies. I have a passion for understanding, appreciating and making use of moving images to create impactful stories that embrace the wide range of human emotions. Being able to share my perspective and creative vision with others motivates me in my work. Alongside my passion for moving images, I love listening to a wide variety of music and escaping to different story worlds through reading.


IATSU TV - Jaden Lee

Heyo, my name is Jaden Lee and I'm a third-year SIAT student with an interest in design, animation, and videography. Our IATSU TV team's goal is to create fun, informative, and reflective video content that represents SIAT! I've always enjoyed animation and how it can be used to connect otherwise static illustrations or interfaces. I can't think of many interesting thing about myself, but when I'm not designing I like to play the drums, make comics, read a book once in a while, play basketball, and spend too much time watching movies or Youtube videos.


IATOne Rep - Caleb Wu

Hi everyone, my name is Caleb Wu, and I'm your IAT ONE Representative! I'm a Bachelor of arts currently in my second year. My job is to connect with yall first years, and plan FROSH 2023, which is a big event for all first years, and a great way to make friends! When I'm not working on projects, you can find me mindlessly playing minecraft (I'm a child at heart), drawing on illustrator with a mouse (not a pen or touchpad, yes I know its unconventional) or just zoning out while listening to music. I LOVE pop and r&b, and rock, annnd like all things music :> I'm super open, and if you have any questions, or just want to chat, you can hmu on discord cubbage., or instagram @calebwu

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