What is IATSU? We are the student body of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Beyond that, IATSU is a group of students that are passionate about improving not only their department, but the community within it.

If you are taking a course within SIAT, you are automatically part of IATSU! We (the IATSU Executive Committee) are an elected group dedicated to providing opportunities and events for SIAT students to grow, engage with one another, and get the most out of their academic careers. We organize amazing events like the annual SIAT Frosh, the FCAT Formal and so much more! The SIAT community is our top priority and we strive to connect with you to make your university experience that much more fun!

IATSU Executive Committee


President - Derian Chow

My name is Derian, and I am a 4th year SIAT student focusing on Media Arts and Game Design. As President of IATSU, my job is to oversee the EC and lead the council towards achieving our goals as a collective whole. Aside from IATSU, I am also the Vice President and one of the Head Coaches for League of Legends at SFU Esports.

As of now, my main goal for IATSU is restructuring and rebranding the organization and DSU as a whole, and what we provide to the SIAT student community.

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Secretary & Councillor- Erika Hance

Hello! I’m Erika, a current second year student and IATSU’s loyal secretary and councilor. As secretary I keep IATSU on-track, and as councilor, I am part of a council that acts as an advisor in the process of making changes at SFU.

My goals for the year are to make everyone feel like their opinions matter and to be an open resource. So please feel free to introduce yourself to me at any time and tell me if you have any questions or opinions about SIAT or IATSU!


Treasurer - Emma Wu

Hello hello~ My name is Emma Wu and I’m a 3rd year SIAT student with a joint major in Design and Communications. I’m in charge of finance and look forward to get to know the all of our new students in the 2018-2019 year! My goal this year is to make sure everyone is comfortable and of course, keep our events fun and affordable!


Director of Web & Social Media - Adrian Fung

Hey SIAT! My name’s Adrian Fung and I’m a second year student at SIAT. As the Director of Web and Social Media, I’ll be managing the IATSU website and all of our Social Media platforms. Make sure to follow our pages to keep up to date with our events!

Photography is a big hobby of mine so if any of you are into that too, I’d love to chat and maybe go for some photoshoots!


Director of Events - Kenneth Juang

My name is Kenneth and I am a design and media arts student. As director of events this year, I am working on opportunities for SIAT student to expand their network and obtain knowledge of potential industries.

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Director of Events - Christian Lim

Welcome! Let me introduce myself, my name is Christian a 3rd year student with a strong focus within Product Design/Industrial Design, and Programing. As director of events, I help lead and create unique events for IATSU. I’m committed to this position to help students interact and dwell within the community of SIAT.


Director of Communication Design - Tracy Chen

Hi there! My name is Tracy Chen and I’m a second year design student who’s obsessed with visual aesthetics and storytelling. I’m in charge of the overall branding and image of IATSU and am dedicated to provide SIAT students with design opportunities and bring passionate people together.


IATSU TV Lead Producer - Carolyn Yip

Hey everyone! My name is Carolyn, and I am a 3rd year SIAT student focusing on Media Arts and Design. My role is to direct and create content for the visual media presence of IATSU and encourage student engagement.

This year I plan to foster a media arts culture within SIAT and provide more opportunities for students to be involved with filming IATSU TV.

As a storyteller at heart, I love to draw inspiration from the unnoticed crevices of everyday life. I am excited to share the stories off SIAT.


IATOne Representative - Paola Ortiz

Hello there! My name is Paola and I’m a current 1st year student here at SIAT. As IatOne, I am the main communication between my fellow first year students and IATSU, as well as the go-to person for any first year needs!

Part of my role is introducing the incoming first years to the rest of the SIAT family through a fun, 2-day event called FROSH! My goal is to make other students feel just as welcomed and excited as I did - and to help the transition to university be a little easier, friendlier, and fun.


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