What is IATSU? We are the student body of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Beyond that, IATSU is a group of students that are passionate about improving not only their department, but the community within it.

If you are taking a course within SIAT, you are automatically part of IATSU! We (the IATSU Executive Committee) are an elected group dedicated to providing opportunities and events for SAIT students to grow, engage with one another, and get the most out of their academic careers. We organize amazing events like the annual SIAT Frosh, the FCAT Formal and so much more! The SIAT community is our top priority and we strive to connect with you to make your university experience that much more fun!

IATSU Executive Committee


President - Ioana Sandor

I am a third year SIAT student focusing on 3D modeling and animation. Although I am constantly overexcited and often quite loud, I am easily approachable and enjoy helping others.

My goals within IATSU for the coming year are to engage not only the First Year students, but the senior students and the International students.


Vice President - Sammy "Sammy" Yoo

Responsible for overseeing production of action items such as web design, events and design. I attend UCC meetings where many SIAT topics are brought up such as SIAT graduation curriculum, classes and such.

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Secretary & Councillor- Rebecca Lu

I'm a smol supermarket sushi enthusiast who squats with her tablet and draws, 50% food, 20% energy and 30% weeb.

I write minutes and generally try my best to keep people organized!!!

My goals this year include merging the gap between first years and current students through IATSU events and bettering the communication of concerns between SIAT students and IATSU.


Treasurer - Radu Orleanda

Radu Orlandea is IATSU treasurer for the 2017-2018 term. He is currently a 2nd year SIAT major with sights on going into an interactive systems specialization along side a computer science minor. He was born in Sibiu, a town in Transylvania, Romania and raised in Canada. As treasurer he is in charge of handling IATSU's finances and hopes to further improve events this term by assisting with new fundraisers.


Director of Web & Social Media - Marcus Blackstock

I'm a happy halfie who loves lives the colour green. I am a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.

I am the web and social media guy so I am in charge of the posts you see on our social feeds (, , , ) and creating/updating this website.

My goals this year include updating this website, using the IATSU Snapchat more, and to give SIAT students more awareness of and input into IATSU's existence.

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Director of Events - Isabelle Soares

I'm a second year IAT student interested in design and interactive systems

One of my main goals this year within IATSU is to create a comfortable welcoming environment for all siat students no matter what year. Unifying and engaging our student body is something I'm really passionate about and wish to do through planning and executing some cool and unique events.


Director of Events - Gabriele Dal Cengio

Hi hi, Gabe is Gabe. Gabe is different. I like being comfy, relaxed and put together. I'm in love with technology and playing with it.

This year I want everyone of different interests within IATSU to get together and have fun~


Director of Communication Design - Robyn Lai

- Socially awkward person who just wants to make friends
- I consider myself very weird and chill
- Lover of anything art/photography/aesthetics related
- I have no sleep schedule

My goals within iatsu are:
- To expand our outreach to other platforms such as instagram
- To create a clean and engaging image for iatsu

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IATSU TV Lead Producer - Yan Tymoshenko

Pierogi enthousiast, director of Ukraine-Canadian internal relations, citizen by day, shooter by night.

In IATSU I click buttons sometimes and my goal this year is to have more people click buttons with me.


IATOne Representative - Ethan Ma

I like to cook, listen to different genres of music, shop for clothes, sing, annoy others over homework help, etc.

As the IATOne Rep, I plan Frosh for the upcoming first years! If anybody wants to be on the frosh committee or participate as a frosh leader, HMU.

My goal this year is to plan dope events for the IAT community! I'll be organizing a lot of your events!